Summer Reading at the Library!

It’s Summer Reading time again and our program this year is simple!  Ask for an age appropriate reading record to be delivered curbside, download one from the website or use the Readsquared link ( to keep track of your reading!  Getting to 800 points completes the program and earns you a reading reward!  Email ( or text (315)237-1215 the library to register.

The program runs for 8 weeks, record your reading on the paper reading record or you may record your reading at Readsquared (from July 1- September 4) so you have plenty of time to make your goal!

Picture book readers:  Each book is worth 25 points.  Complete 32 books to earn 800 points.

Chapter book readers:  Each book is worth 80 points.  Complete 10 books to earn 800 points.

Teen readers:  Each book is worth 200 points.  Complete 4 books to earn 800 points!

Each completed program earns a local treat!

To use our Readsquared website for tracking your Summer Reading Progress:

Go to to set up an account.  Choose the correct age group to register in.  From July 1 to September 4 record the books that you have read (or were read to you).  You may read as many books as you like, but when you have reached 800 points you have successfully completed the Summer Reading Program and will earn your reading reward!

Picture Book Reading log

Chapter Book Reading Log

Teen Reading Log

Earn chances at a special prize by playing Summer Reading Bingo!

Summer Reading Bingo 

Teen Reading Bingo



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